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Foreword: Envisioning a Sustainable Internet
Maddie Stone

Letter from the Editors
Michelle Thorne and Chris Adams

Designing Branch: Sustainable Interaction Design Principles
Tom Jarrett

Solarpunk and Other Speculative Futures

One Vision, One World. Whose World Then?
Vândria Borari and Camila Nobrega

The Museum of the Fossilized Internet
Gabi Ivens, Joana Moll and Michelle Thorne

Today Google Stops Funding Climate Change Deniers
Extinction Rebellion NYC

Repairing Our Relationship with Technology
Janet Gunter

Critical Art and Carbon Aware Design

The Hidden Life of an Amazon User
Joana Moll

Don’t Press Snooze: Design in a Crisis
Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino

Design for Carbon-Aware Digital Experiences
Lu Ye

Signal: A Poem
Taylor Rowe

Sustainable Web Craft

10 Rules for Building a Low-Impact Website
Jesper Hyldahl Fogh

Sustainability in Software Engineering
Bill Johnson

Reflections on Running a Sustainable Digital Agency
Tom Greenwood

Hands-On Sustainable Web Design
Laurent Devernay

AI Promises and Perils

AI and Climate Change: The Promise, the Perils and Pillars for Action
Eirini Maliaraki

Alexa, Save the Planet
Brett Gaylor

Climate Action in Tech

Seeing Black and Green in Tech
Melissa Hsiung

If I am a Techie, How Can I Help Solve Climate Change?
Kamal Kapadia

Policy and Advocacy

The Story is a Forest: How to Talk About Climate Change
Christine LaRiviere

When Policy Responds to Reality: Transformative Policy Futures
Chenai Chair

Interconnected: Sustainability on the Agenda
Michael J. Oghia

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Signal: A Poem

Perched on a tall chair, a masked person contemplates with arms crossed. Colors swirl beneath.
Image: Signal by Joel Baca

What is a signal?
Does it have a sound? 
I’m trying to cut through the noise.

In the (physical) built world, 
we call it a ‘Split Incentive’: 
= the people responsible for behavior change + bill pay [tenants]
≠ the people responsible for decarbonizing + capital investments [owners].

What is the ‘Split Incentive’ in the digital (built) world?
Who should be held responsible? The consumers or the providers?

Talking about retrofitting buildings reminds me of talking about technical debt. 
Maybe reducing source code complexity shrinks the carbon footprint?


What is a truth?
Does it have a smell?
I’m trying to sniff through the noise.


What is an end?
Does it have a sight?
I’m trying to see through the noise.


Infinite distraction.
Infinite comfort.

function String determineMyHope() {
  var myWorld =

  if (myWorld.vibe == "dreadful") {
    return null;
  } else {
    return myWorld.vibe;

About the author

Taylor Rowe is the Director of Partnerships at The Clean Fight NY. Alongside poetry, she asks how we can leverage public funds to drive more capital to fighting the climate crisis. She thanks Joel Baca for the artwork, Shilpi Kumar for the invitation, and Pooja Reddy for the code review.